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  • Depressed centre grinding wheel for applications on cast iron. It combines an excellent cut rate with an easy and comfortable cut. Product specification: C 24 P - Type 27 Application: Cast iron Features: Silicon carbide abrasive grains

  • Depressed centre grinding wheel for applications on stone and building materials. Product specification: C 24 P - Type 27 Application: Bronze, brass, copper, building materials Features: Silicon carbide abrasive grains

  • Depressed centre cutting-off and grinding wheel designed for steel and stainless steel industries. The 3-glass-cloth structure provides high cut rate in cutting applications and extreme safety in grinding applications. The combination of the special blend of hard abrasive grains with the type of bond used provides a consistent material removal rate....

  • The special 3-glass-cloth structure allows the user to use the same wheel for several operations such as cutting, light stock removal and finishing.   Product specification: A 46 S - Type 27 Application: Stainless steel, medium resistance iron and ferrous materials Features. Aluminium oxide abrasive grains

  • High quality professional laser welded blade with 10mm high segments for a precise cut and long life on hardest building materials such as reinforced concrete. Application: Reinforced concrete, bricks, porphyry and granite FEATURES 10mm high segments Laser welded High quality diamond BENEFITS Long life Highest safety while cutting through hard materials...

  • Traditional GRINDING diamond blade for applications on all medium hard building materials. High quality diamond with long life. Application: Roof tiles, bricks, general purpose building materials

  • High quality professional sintered diamond blade with continuous corrugated rim and radial 9mm-high segments for a longer product life. The special ventilated waved steel centre is designed for better cooling and for a stronger cut while the support segments on the core provide an easy and precise smooth cut even on the hardest materials. Application:...

  • Traditional GRINDING sintered diamond blade with corrugated rim for applications on all medium hard building materials. This diamond blade is a good combination of high quality diamond and long life. Application: Bricks, concrete, general purpose building materials, roof tiles, hard tiles

  • Sintered diamond blade with continuous 9mm-high rim for high cut rate and extreme precision. Ideal for cutting operations on gres, porcelain and ceramic. Application: Gres

  • Value for money diamond blade with continuous 7mm-high rim with good performance on medium hard ceramic and tiles. Application: Soft and medium tiles, porcelain

  • Its specific production process with diamond directly electroplated on the centre provides a precise cut with lower pressure on hard materials. The gullets on the cutting rim provide a clean cut, while the 4 diamond inserts prevent the material from shattering during the cutting operation and provide a deep, smooth and comfortable cut. Application:...

  • Diamond cup wheel for grinding, bevel grinding and shaping concrete and several traditional building materials. Its double diamond segment line provides a fast material removal, an accurate grinding action and a perfect finish. Application: For surface grinding and flaw removal on building materials such as concrete, marble, granite, stone.

Showing 25 - 36 of 81 items