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Grinding - Professional Line 

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  • Aluminium oxide cotton cloth wheel for use on portable satin-finishing machines, ideal for preliminary grinding on all materials. Application: Steel, stainless steel, plastics, wood.

  • Mixed (alox cotton cloth and non-woven) wheel ideal for light grinding operations, scratch and defect removals and matting surfaces. Application: Steel, stainless steel, hard plastics, wood.

  • Grinstrip non-woven flap wheel for use on satin-finishing machines, ideal for satin finishing operations. The difference densities & abrasive types allow use for various applications such as removing oxide layers, surface blending and work piece finishing. Application: alloy steels, copper, aluminium, brass, hard plastic materials and wood details.

  • Flap wheel with open nylon Grinstrip structure with silicon carbide abrasives for satin-finishing machines. Ideal for aggressive cleaning and to remove oxide, lacquers and old paints without damaging the underlying surface  Application: Steel, stainless steel, wood, lacquers, plastics.

  • Polyurethane and aluminium oxide abrasive flap wheel for use on satin-finishing machines. Excellent for brilliant and shiny finishes. Application: Steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, brass.

  • Zirconium cloth wheel for use on portable satin-finishing machines, ideal for iron, steel,  stainless steel, aluminum. Application: Iron, Steel, stainless steel, aluminum.

  • Application: Metal, Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Plastic, Leather

  • Application: Steel, Aluminum

  • Application: Wood, Paint, Plastic, PVC

  • Application: Wood, Paint

  • Application: Wood, Paint, Metal, Marble, Composyt

  • Application: Iron, Aluminum, Paints

Showing 49 - 60 of 83 items