Sintered and Laser-Welded Grinding

Segmented rim 

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  • Quick and fast in a wide range of materials and specifically designed to achieve high performance on granite and hard stones, the new GRINDING Platinum LT GRANIT+ corresponds to the best choice for the operator in order to achieve the best performance and the best result. The height of the sectors Laser welded 12mm, 115mm on the diameter, and 15mm, 230mm...

  • High quality professional laser welded blade with 10mm high segments for a precise cut and long life on hardest building materials such as reinforced concrete. Application: Reinforced concrete, bricks, porphyry and granite FEATURES 10mm high segments Laser welded High quality diamond BENEFITS Long life Highest safety while cutting through hard materials...

  • Traditional GRINDING diamond blade for applications on all medium hard building materials. High quality diamond with long life. Application: Roof tiles, bricks, general purpose building materials

  • Value for money corrugated rim sintered blade for generic use on building materials. Application: Building materials

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items