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DL-F Flap discs with fibre backing 

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  • The special combination of SG Ceramic and Zirconium grains with high quality cotton cloth provide a high material removal rate even on hardest materials; its special active cooling agents guarantee no heating during the operation, providing a constant cut and a longer product life. Fibre backing. Product specification: SG/ZA R926/R822 - Flat Application:...

  • Fibre backed flap disc with high quality zirconium cotton cloth. A higher flap density and a higher quantity of abrasive provide a longer product life compared to traditional discs. Product specification: ZA R822 Application: Stainless steel, high resistance steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminium, cast iron FEATURES Single zirconium flap High quality cotton...

  • Fibre backed flap disc with high quality aluminium oxide cotton cloth designed for high performance on iron and ferrous materials. Product specification: A/O R265 Application: Metals, non-ferrous metals, wood, cast iron, plastic, bronze FEATURES Aluminium oxide single flap High quality cotton cloth 

  • Fibre backed flap disc with zirconium cotton cloth designed for generic applications on steel and stainless steel. Product specification: ZA R82A/R82B - Conical Application: Iron, stainless steel

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items