GRINDING, originally Grinding Mole Abrasive, was founded at the end of 1968 in Cava de Tirreni (SA), where, with a small production workshop and a family organization, it specialized in the production of abrasive discs and cutting-offs, making itself appreciated by the end-users for performance and comfort.

In 1974 GRINDING began a phase of important change and expansion, realizing in Fisciano (SA) a new plant with advanced and high productivity machinery and starting to orientate itself to medium and large industries and major retailers, making use of a complex sales force operating throughout the national territory.

The fame, dictated by the maximum attention to the quality and safety of products, soon reaches very high levels in Italy but also in export market. In the early '80s GRINDING has now made a name among the professional end-users and is a brand also emblazoned among the resales, which allowed to establish the first commercial relationships with the most important names of the national distribution.
At the end of the 90s, it can be considered a market leader consecrating itself as a reference for the production and marketing of the abrasives wheels.

In 1998 it was bought by Saint-Gobain which allows a great added value in innovation, research, competitiveness and safety at the highest levels with cutting-edge production sites all over the world. This is why today GRINDING remains a brand of excellence and reference.


GRINDING offers 360° solutions to satisfy the needs of professionals in all industrial markets. The GRINDING offering includes a wide range of abrasive products of high quality, cutting-off and grinding wheels in several dimensions and for different machine types; diamond blades, flap discs and flexible products for polishing and finishing.


Thanks to continuous research and development programs, GRINDING continuously renews its product range offering, with innovation and breakthrough technology; the high quality GRINDING PLATINUM range is a great example of this.


GRINDING’s mission is to offer optimum solutions that meet the vast variety of needs in the market place. To do this, Grinding offers a complete range of products based on three quality levels: PLATINUM, high quality, high performance products designed to add value to abrasive applications, providing premium performance and innovation; GRINDING, traditional range providing high performance solutions with high levels of productivity; FORZA OF ITALY, for users looking for good quality products with consistent performance.