Grinding Abrasives Technical Centre

The excellence centre of Corsico (MI) is located inside the modern Saint-Gobain’s Habitat Lab complex. It was designed and built to be a fully equipped facility suitable for training sessions and professional quality tests.

Training sessions are organized in order to share experience, train technicians and to maximize close collaboration between our team and our customers to choose the right product, providing best performances, evaluating market-trends, and anticipating future developments in our product ranges.


If you are interested in participating please contact your local Grinding representative to enquire about the possibilities.



Grinding Habitat Lab

Habitat Lab is the new innovation and training centre in Corsico (MI), considered as the reference of a new "culture of living", inspired to human wellbeing and environmental protection.

This building is from a renovation work of a 700 mq industrial area and in addition a 500 mq new construction.

The centre can be used by universities and companies interested in developing with Saint-Gobain new construction materials and solutions.

In synergy with other seven Saint-Gobain training centres in Italy, Habitat Lab is a training centre as well devoted to specifiers, professionals, applicators who can learn more about new sustainable construction models.