All GRINDING products adhere to the most demanding European safety regulations and quality standards as operator safety is GRINDING’s number one priority.


Grinding products comply with all expectations of European health, safety and environmental standards.

FEPA, the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives, is dedicated to the promotion of safety in the use of abrasives and is actively involved in the preparation and implementation of the European (EN) and International Standards (ISO) for Abrasives and Grinding Machines.


In 2000, Grinding and Saint-Gobain Abrasives were one of the founding members of the Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives (OSA). All member companies of OSA have to implement strict manufacturing, safety and quality standards that comply with the requirements of EN, and are regularly audited to ensure conformity. The OSA symbol displayed on an abrasive product is a further guarantee to the user of product safety and quality.

The internal testing and certification is based on the following standards:

  • Safety requirements for bonded abrasive products (EN12413:2007)
  • Safety requirements for coated abrasives (EN13743:2002)
  • Safety requirements for diamond blades (EN13236:2010)

Thus the OSA symbol on the abrasive signifies enhanced application safety for the user, a reduced liability risk and excellent brand image for manufacturers, traders and those in marketing.

ISO9001, certifies Quality Management system is in accordance with requirements of quality standards.

ISO14001, certifies Environmental Management system is in accordance with requirements of environmental standards.

OHSAS18001, health and safety at work certification.

Certificate FEPA - OSA 2021


We are part of the World Class Manufacturing program of Saint-Gobain. Through a complete nvolvement of all employees, the principal is to review and organise all steps of our production in order to reach the manufacturing excellence standards set by the Group at world level.

These very high standards cover safety, quality, production capacity and efficiency and service to our customers. We aim at reaching manufacturing excellence, and to focus resources on operations that truly add value to our customers.