Its specific production process with diamond directly electroplated on the centre provides a precise cut with lower pressure on hard materials. The gullets on the cutting rim provide a clean cut, while the 4 diamond inserts prevent the material from shattering during the cutting operation and provide a deep, smooth and comfortable cut.

Application: Marble, granite, fiberglass, composites


  • Electroplated diamond 
  • 4 diamond inserts electroplated 
  • Diamond cutting rim with gullets


  • Clean and precise cut on marble and natural stone
  • Deep and smooth cut with lower pressure
  • Clean contact area

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AxBxC mm
BoxOrder codeMax
115 x 2,4 x 22,23 1 70184693705 13,300
230 x 2,8 x 22,23 1 70184694654 6,650

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