Non-woven abrasive flap discs for angle grinders. Ideal for surface blending after flap disc action. The progressive use of the three grain grades provides a perfect finish of the surface area.

COARSE grains for light deburring and removal of scratches from flap disc action.
MEDIUM grains for flaw reduction and surface blending.
FINE grains for a satin finish.

Application: Steel, stainless steel

Product Specification: Flat


  • Non-woven abrasive flap disc
  • Aluminium oxide abrasive grains
  • Fibre glass backing
  • Best performance at low speed


  • Removes scratches and surface defects

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AxB mm
Specification - GritBoxOrder codeMax
115 x 22,23 A Coarse (marrone) 10 77696074199 12,000/6,000
115 x 22,23 A Medium (rosso) 10 77696074200 12,000/6,000
115 x 22,23 A Very Fine (blu) 10 77696074201 12,000/6,000

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